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Finally, learning what happens where work happens


Melanie Fallay, CEO


Denver, CO






Bonfire Lead

Company description

Spekit is on a mission to make people exponentially better at work, powered by data. Through partnerships and powerful integrations with an organization’s key tools, Spekit automatically embeds the training and resources an employee needs to be successful - tool training, processes, sales playbooks, and more - directly within the applications and workflows they use every day. Spekit is building a future where employees are empowered with the answers and guidance they need to master their roles, when and where they need it.

Why solve this problem?

​​The way that we learn at work is broken. Training is scattered, easy to forget, and isn’t tied to actionable outcomes. We didn’t start this company to ”start a company” and our team feels that. We started this company because we are all starving to live in this world where your workstream is no longer something that slows you down, but instead helps you get exponentially better, each and every day as an employee.

Hardest thing about being a founder?

The sheer quantity of decisions and range of emotions your brain needs to process on a moment-to-moment basis while staying optimistic for the team and not losing focus.

Biggest piece of advice for aspiring founders?

​​Invest in yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually as much as you're investing in the company. Your personal growth needs to exceed the growth rate of the company.

Most exciting moment so far?

Crossing the 100 employee mark.

Why did you choose Bonfire?

We were always looking for a partner, not just an investor. From the first day we met them, the team at Bonfire has challenged us in a positive way to think more critically about our priorities and go-to-market - demonstrating empathy, trust, expertise, and partnership every step of the way.

What’s it like to work with Bonfire?

As a founder, I've learned there are two types of investors. There are investors who are highly strategic and will help you navigate fundraising, planning and high-level roadmap & go-to-market direction. Then, there are investors who take on more of coach role, where they'll happily dive more deeply into the details of the business and will be your first call when you go through a low moment or need a second opinion on a potential candidate. Brett is the unique kind of investor who brings the perfect combination of both and I can confidently say that I wouldn't be the CEO I am today and Spekit wouldn't have experienced the growth it has if it wasn't for his mentorship and support