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Why We Invested in Operative Intelligence: AI-Powered Contact Center Analytics Platform

December 6, 2022

What does OI do?

Operative Intelligence arms contact centers and business leaders to make meaningful changes in the way they serve customers as an organization, tied directly to bottom-line revenue. By pairing deep domain expertise with industry-leading technology, Operative Intelligence enables businesses to discover the true needs of their customers, powering better decision-making faster and at scale.

What problem is OI solving?

Operative Intelligence provides contact centers with an objective, data-driven view of the needs of their customers, which is dimensionalized in ways that help drive better decisions around the needs of their customers faster. Operative Intelligence arms contact center leaders with irrefutable data that is free from human bias, which helps teams across the business prioritize and address the biggest challenges and opportunities facing their customers.

Operative Intelligence is a fully automated platform which means contact centers no longer need to spend time analyzing and synthesizing data sources to surface actionable insights or creating business cases. With Operative Intelligence, the insights are made available on demand, and because it’s delivered using SaaS, it is far more economical than alternative approaches, which can include enterprise technology, data scientists, and analysts.

Where did we hear about the company? 

We were introduced to OI by Dustin Rosen at Wonder, who co-invested with us.

What do we love about the OI team?

The founding team (two brothers!) have deep experience in the Call-Center industry and have successfully worked well together previously. Peter Iansek, the CEO, lives in LA, and has deep product operations experience, and was the head of digital services for Bupa ( a global health insurance provider) ANZ. James Iansek, the COO, leads the tech team in Australia and was the previous lead for Bupa’ ANZ's  Customer Service business, where he oversaw a customer-led and cultural transformation anchored in delivering, supporting, and enabling great Cx for front and back office teams.

Who are OI's customers?

Operative Intelligence is industry agnostic but currently works with customers in Financial Services, Consumer Services, Insurance, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Travel, and Business Process Outsourcing.

What did their customers have to say about the product?

“The tool speaks for itself. Technology aside, we’ve gained far more than accessible, digestible, and actionable insights. The real ‘secret sauce’ to our engagement has been OI’s commitment to realizing measurable value. Understanding that it takes more than ‘numbers on a page’ to drive true transformation, OI enabled our leadership team to target high-impact initiatives and drive data-based continuous improvement in our contact centers”. - Rebecca Burns, Myob
“What they can do with their AI machine learning is analyze verbatim conversations and then identify specific issues that are coming up more often than others. They have an incredible engine that allows whoever is viewing all of these chats to see all of them in real-time, and the tech team can change the code and adjust for it on the fly.” Michael Callahan, Orbit

Why do OI's customers find its product so compelling?

The Operative Intelligence data is made available to clients through a web-based front end in the form of interactive dashboards, which have been purpose-built around real-world business use cases. The types of insights include:

  • The root cause reasons why customers are contacting, in their own words, including the volume, cost, sentiment, resolution, and satisfaction of each unique driver
  • Prioritized list of customer pain points and what each one costs the business each year in service costs
  • Prioritized list of inquiries that could be completed via self-service and what the ROI is for enabling automation for each unique inquiry
  • Which inquiries drive value to customers, and how can they be prioritized
  • Performance by site, team, and inquiry within the contact center, which can be cut by any contact center metric (e.g., Resolution, Satisfaction, NPS, Product, etc)
  • Agent effectiveness by inquiry type

What really stood out about the founders during our due diligence?

They were extremely organized and had all the answers and information to back them up. Their personal references were very strong as individuals and as humans.

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