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We go to work at the seed stage with ambitious B2B software founders who consider us their most trusted & helpful advisors.

We are Bonfire

Your hardest working investor on what to do when, because time is precious.

The support from the Bonfire team is always at the ready. We truly see the Bonfire team as an extension of DISQO’s team.”

Armen Adjemian, CEO, Disqo

Your biggest supporter during tough times, because we know how hard it is to be great.

We can count on Bonfire to be transparent when things aren’t always up and to the right. Without those tough conversations, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Atif Siddiqi, CEO, Branch

Your biggest challenger during good times, because we want you to be iconic.

Bonfire understands the business like no one else. They are thoughtful investors with practical and actionable guidance.”

Christina Ross, Cube, CEO

Christina Ross, CEO, Cube

Our Approach

> 99%

of our investments are in B2B SaaS companies at the seed stage

> 80%

of the time we are the lead VC investor, lean in and join your board

> 85%

of our portfolio companies raise follow-on capital after we invest

< 10%

of other VC funds outperform us because our companies win