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Jason Graub, CEO

Andy Binkley, CRO


Atlanta, GA






Bonfire Lead

Company Description:

Tourial enables marketers to easily create and publish self-guided product stories that captivate and convert visitors. Tourial changes the way marketers use their products to hook visitors at the top of the funnel, and creates more high quality conversions, qualified pipeline, and revenue. The Tourial platform is non-technical, so any marketer can build tours to capture (and keep) their audience’s attention and create more personalized experiences that are driven by personas, use cases, and stories.

Why solve this problem?

Software buyers want to understand a product’s ‘what and why’ before committing to a demo or trial, but video and sandbox demo experiences are expensive to build and maintain, passive, and complicated. While you can custom build these product experiences, we recognized that wasn’t scalable for every software company. With Tourial, now any marketer, regardless of technical experience, can bring their product's story to life in ways that weren’t possible before. Our format is far more compelling to a website visitor compared with a video or demo.

Hardest thing about being a founder?

You’re always context switching and it’s difficult to figure out what to prioritize to get to that next milestone. Also, learning to delegate and hand off key areas of the business to capable team members and leaders as the business grows. This is critical so you can focus your attention more strategically on the company's biggest initiatives.

Biggest piece of advice for aspiring founders?

Talk to prospects and customers on a weekly basis (at least!). This is critical to getting off the ground and finding product-market fit, and will ensure you stay humble and don’t lose touch with your customers.

Most exciting moment so far?

Every time a customer adds a tourial to their website and their conversions explode! We’re changing the way people buy software. It’s exciting to see how our customers bring their product stories to life with every new frictionless website tour experience!

Why did you Choose Bonfire?

There are plenty of investors who can provide capital. Not many who are true partners. When we first met Brett & Tyler, they already understood the massive problem Tourial solves. It wasn’t a pitch, it was a great conversation. They both live and breathe go-to-market and have deep industry expertise. It was the obvious choice after we had met with many other firms

What’s it like to work with Bonfire?

When you start working with the Bonfire team, after closing, you’ll go through a series of “working sessions” where you discuss in depth different areas of the business. These working sessions enabled the Bonfire team to have a better understanding of the business and to understand what is working well, what needs improvement, and where they add the most value. Most importantly, they understand everything won’t always be perfect. The empathy and trust that the Bonfire team brings to the relationship ensures they are the “first call” when you need help.

Favorite book, useful tool or app?

This is Marketing by Seth Godin