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Operative Intelligence
Peter Iansek
CEO and Co-Founder
James Iansek
COO and Co-Founder


Los Angeles, CA



Bonfire Lead

What does Operative Intelligence do?

Operative Intelligence is the first purpose-built Demand-Insights-as-a-Service platform transforming the way customer contact centers work. The platform utilizes AI technology to classify the root cause reasons why customers contact support at scale and arms leaders with eye-opening intelligence to systematically improve how they service customers. Founded in 2019 by Peter and James Iansek, the company’s operations were based in both the United States and Australia and has since expanded within both regions. Operative Intelligence is used by leading businesses in a variety of industries.

Why solve this problem?

Operative Intelligence was purpose built to solve a problem that my brother James and I experienced throughout our 25 years of working in customer service and contact centers. What we found throughout our careers was that all the contact centers we had worked in continued to experience the same problems and there wasn’t a solution in the market that surfaced the type of insight that contact centers and businesses need to better meet the needs of their customers at scale.

In 2019 we started formulating the idea for a modern software solution to solve the problem of limited actionable intelligence in contact centers. Upon identifying that this is a $100B a year problem in the US alone, we built Operative Intelligence to help scale the type of outcomes we had delivered for businesses by powering a proven process with software and machines. We started Operative Intelligence with a mission to help contact centers unlock the potential of every human interaction and better meet the needs of their customers at scale.

In the News
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