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Ted Mico, CEO

Evan Tann, CTO


Los Angeles, CA






Bonfire Lead

Company description

Thankful is service as a software, dedicated to solving the post-purchase needs of customers, enabling businesses to thrive in a customer-centric world by leading with service first. Trusted by the world’s leading retail brands, Thankful’s AI works inside every major helpdesk to engage, route, tag, translate, identify sentiment, and fully resolve large volumes of issues across all written channels – email, chat, social, in-app, and SMS.

Why solve this problem?

Because businesses lose over $100B in revenue per year due to bad service and on average, we as customers spend over 43 days of our lives dealing with customer support. That's six weeks of anger and frustration that could be cut in half with better technology.

Hardest thing about being a founder?

Carrying the responsibility for the well-being of the team.

Biggest piece of advice for aspiring founders?

The power behind you will always be greater than the obstacles ahead of you if you have a great team.

Most surprising or exciting moment so far? 

When, after two-and-a-half years of NLP development, we switched Thankful on and the AI worked as advertised and we were able to identify and resolve customer problems.

Why did you choose Bonfire?

We wanted to choose a local investor and Bonfire had the reputation as the best LA-based Seed investor.

What’s the biggest impact Bonfire has had on your company?

I’d say helping us choreograph our Series A raise.

Favorite book, useful tool or app?

What’s the biggest impact Bonfire has had on your company since we started working together?

I’d say helping us choreograph our Series A raise.