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Early Stage


Text-based attendance tracking for the deskless workforce


Sheila Stafford, CEO

Jeremy Wadsack, CTO

Alison Teegarden, CEO


Seattle, WA






Bonfire Lead

Company description

TeamSense is on a mission to engage and enable hourly employees with app-free digital tools that work for everyone. Its simple-to-use, yet cutting-edge platform empowers managers to safely and securely connect with their team while automating the typical manual processes and tasks that are costly, inefficient, and time-consuming. TeamSense helps companies connect to their hourly teams through text while supporting managers with the tools they need to track absences, engage with hourly employees, and use technology to bring teams together—not drive them apart.

Why solve this problem?

Hourly workers are the backbone of many organizations, and direct communication with those individuals is fundamental to enhancing engagement, productivity and attendance. With an estimated 80% of the workforce being deskless – and often without corporate emails or access to a computer – the communication disconnect between employees and employers is growing. After realizing this digital connection gap and leveraging the familiarity and accessibility of text messaging, TeamSense is breaking down traditional barriers to workforce management and ushering in a new era of connectivity in the manufacturing industry via SMS. And with absenteeism at record levels and growing privacy concerns from employees around having work-related apps on their personal devices, TeamSense is the only text-based solution that meets hourly workers where they are – without them needing to download or navigate employer-specific apps.