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Craig Hering, CEO, Co-Founder

Jay Maxwell, CPO, Co-founder

Mike Hering, CTO, Co-founder


Denver, CO






Bonfire Lead

Company Description

Suite Studios is a cloud-based post production platform that enables creative teams to spend more time focusing on content. Backed by AWS, Suite allows video production companies and creative agencies the ability to easily move their entire studio infrastructure to the cloud. In doing so, creative teams realize a drastically simplified workflow and can get back to focusing on what matters most, content.

Why solve this problem?

Creative teams spend a lot of time working through non-creative problems. Whether it’s managing studio infrastructure or determining the best way to share files for a project, these challenges get in the way of creating content.

Now combine those challenges with the realization that teams are forced to make large infrastructure investments today in an effort to meet unpredictable project demands in the future, and the opportunity becomes quite apparent. 

By removing this need, Suite fundamentally levels the playing field and allows creatives to get back to what they love, making content.

Hardest thing about being a founder?

Founding a company has lots of ups and downs. I’m lucky enough to have two other co-founders alongside me, but not knowing what tomorrow holds is a double edged sword. It can be challenging, but as founders, we must strive to move the company forward, especially when times are tough.

Biggest piece of advice for aspiring founders?

Be patient. Founders tend to have so many ideas and it’s important to focus on the right one. The reality is we have limited time and resources, so be patient. When you have that idea that keeps you up at night, that you can’t stop thinking about, you’ll know.

Most exciting moment so far?

Seeing some of the first content pieces that were made through the Suite platform and how quickly adoption can happen. We knew that shifting to the cloud doesn’t need to be challenging, and watching a team make that shift in only a few months was a huge win.

Why did you choose Bonfire?

Bonfire is a breath of fresh air. They are truly focused on ensuring that each and every portfolio company has the resources they need to succeed and have had a material impact on our business. Bonfire is more than an investor, they are a teammate.

What’s it like to work with Bonfire?

They are hands on in the best way possible. We communicate with the Bonfire team so frequently that I can’t imagine not working with them. Whether it’s high level strategy or a deep dive into a specific challenge we are working through, Bonfire is there when we need them.

Favorite book, useful tool, or app?

Zero to One by Peter Thiel