The Frontline Team's Toolkit
Erika Wasser


New York, NY



Bonfire Lead

Company description

Prospr is transforming employee management as the one app to replace them all for the success of frontline teams. Common sense solutions delivered in a mobile-app employees love, we are the future of work. Prospr is trusted by some of the country’s most recognizable brands like Dunkin’, Centerplate, NYSC, 1800GotJunk, and SMB’s alike. If you manage people, you have to get Prospr.

Why solve this problem?

Prospr was built from personal need and is everything I learned and needed in my first entrepreneurial venture managing 100+ employees in a multi-location service business. Anyone who is a people operator will tell you the struggle is real, but after making a lot of mistakes myself, I understood the needs of the workforce and complex service-business operations. With my co-founder, we realized we could build tools to support both employees and business growth together. “Knowledge” or “desk-workers” rely on multi-faceted software suites to produce great work – why not frontline teams?

Hardest thing about being a founder?
Biggest piece of advice for aspiring founders?
Most exciting moment so far?
Why did you choose Bonfire?
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