The Most Comprehensive Suite of Systems for Hotels
KYC Hospitality
Dina Yuen


San Francisco, CA



Bonfire Lead

Company description

KYC is an enterprise SaaS company serving the best hotels in the industry, including Taj, Marriott, Baccarat and AYANA. Replacing 25 different legacy solutions, KYC’s comprehensive Suite encompasses multi-channel Guest Messaging, Requests Managements, Housekeeping Operations, Engineering Operations, Concierge Operations, CRM and more.

Why solve this problem?

The hotel industry is one of the world’s largest and oldest, and has been plagued with disparate legacy systems for decades that have overlapping and/or missing functionalities at sky high costs. Especially in a post-Covid recovery era, hotels around the world are more in need of KYC than ever. We deliver the singular, most comprehensive platform in the industry at a significant cost savings and bar none, the best customer service.

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Hotel Executive Magazine: Why IHG Can’t Live Without KYC
March 20, 2022
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