Connecting great companies to the right capital
Hum Capital
Blair Silverberg
Chris Olivares


New York, NY



Bonfire Lead

Company description

Hum Capital is the funding platform that is connecting great companies with the right capital. Hum offers the most efficient way for private companies to access institutional capital by helping them understand the power of their data in the fundraising process. For institutional investors, Hum delivers investment insights and a personalized deal flow built on data they can trust.

Why solve this problem?

The private capital market is incredibly fragmented which often leads to a fundraising process that is exclusive, inefficient and lacking in transparency. As a result, there is massive inefficiency as founders lose valuable time evaluating their options, courting investors, and trying to prove their value. Investors spend countless hours accessing, organizing, and analyzing data to understand a company’s financial picture—all before deciding if they’re going to invest. Think about the economic potential we can unlock if we could help make the private markets operate more like the public markets.

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