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The AI Talent Marketplace for Workplace Mobility


Anne Fulton, CEO

Jo Mills, CXO


Los Angeles, CA






Bonfire Lead

Company description

Fuel50’s platform matches talent with internal opportunities, surfaces knowledge gaps and enables proactive skill acquisition, allowing for career path transparency, mobilization of internal talent supply, and granular skills-forecasting for management. Fuel50 is the future of work.

Why solve this problem?

Creating futures for people has never been more important than now. We need employees globally to be armed with the future skills they can contribute to ensure we have a fully productive and competitive economy. In this era of increased transparency, fairness and inclusivity from organizations and their decision-makers, employers need full visibility to the skills and capabilities across their workforce to ensure transparent and inclusive talent decisions are made. Millennials more than ever before are demanding full visibility to their future career paths to make personal decisions and Fuel50 delivers that intuitive career road map and complete workforce skills visibility to be a talent experience that is fit-for-purpose today.

Hardest thing about being a founder?

Reminding ourselves it is a marathon not a sprint, when we have a culture of everyone putting so much passion and energy into what we are doing each and every day. We are adding “Fit” for Purpose to our values (Fun, Fabulous and Fuellie) as a result. Every Fuellie is purpose driven – we hear it time and time again but we need to remain FIT as a team to ensure we have the resilience, drive, energy and fitness to sustain a marathon; not just a sprint.

Biggest piece of advice for aspiring founders?

Use your community of investors. They really want to help! There is a wealth of intelligence and capability in that community, so just pick up the phone and run that burning question that is keeping you up at night past one (or more) of the people who are backing you. I bet someone has been there before you and will be able to help. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the incredible people who also believed in our mission.

Most exciting moment so far?

Seeing the culmination of our work being shared at our global FuelX events by our clients like Johnson & Johnson and Fidelity, with a great sense of passion and commitment to the future of their people.

Why did you choose Bonfire?

Jim, Mark and Brett all add value, and I know I can define certain moments of truth that each have contributed to our decision-making and execution, as they will also testify. We are their biggest fans ever! I cannot say enough how much we value Jim’s business brain, analytical skills, spreadsheet skills and coaching approach to help us lift our game. Indebted!! Plus, did I mention his amazing reach of contacts – he is deeply respected across the SaaS industry. We’ve been lucky to have the privilege of working with Bonfire.

What’s it like to work with bonfire?

Jim, Mark and Brett have just been the most invaluable partners to our business story and growth outcomes. The most memorable moment for me was meeting Jim - pre Bonfire funding, when we were talking pricing strategy. We opened the pricing calculator spreadsheet and Jim transformed it for us with his intelligent questions and insightful critiques that eventually lead to our “escalator” pricing strategy that exists today. 

Favorite book, useful tool or app?

The Remarkable tablet is amazing for note taking, creative doodling and traveling light. Books by Jim Collins are always favorites for us both.