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Helping businesses offer accelerated pay and digital wallets to empower their workers


Atif Siddiqi, CEO


Minneapolis, MN






Bonfire Lead

Company description

Branch is the leading workforce payments platform. Businesses turn to Branch for a more cost-effective, faster way to pay workers and reduce the costs of paper checks and paycards. Employees and independent contractors receive a zero-fee bank account, free instant access to earned wages, rewards, and personal finance tools to help them manage their cash flow between paychecks. Branch partners with some of the nation’s leading payroll and workforce technologies to support companies in retail, restaurant, trucking/logistics, last-mile delivery, manufacturing, and healthcare. Branch has been honored with a Webby Award — Best Financial Services, Fintech Breakthrough Award, Gartner Eye on Innovation: Financial Services, Star Tribune’s Top Workplaces in Minnesota, and Great Place to Work Certification.

Why solve this problem?

Today’s financial solutions are slow and expensive: traditional payment methods such as ACH, paycards, and paper checks are riddled with hidden fees and delays for both companies and their workers. They lack flexibility and efficiency to keep up with the pace of today’s workforce.  At Branch, we help companies pay their workers faster and have layered on more accessible, fee-free financial services that are purposefully built for their unique financial needs.

Hardest thing about being a founder?

Managing your own psychology and navigating the ups and downs along the founder journey. I’m fortunate to have supportive investors, strong leaders, and a network of entrepreneurs to rely on.

Biggest piece of advice for aspiring founders?

You have to keep shipping and building momentum. One thing that’s underrated for start-up founders is momentum. When you ship a product, you’re learning, testing, and iterating as well as building momentum. That momentum starts compounding, allowing you to see traction and growth. It’s incredibly exciting to see the markets pulling you and your product getting better.

Most exciting moment so far?

Seeing the impact we’ve had on workers’ personal finances, especially when we deliver new products and services that deeply resonate with them. I’m also excited about watching our team grow and advance their careers at Branch.

Why did you choose Bonfire?

Bonfire aligned with the larger problem we’re solving for working Americans early on, even before we had the right solution to serve this demographic. They’ve continued to support us along that journey, and we’re excited to continue to work with them as we scale. 

What’s it like to work with Bonfire?

Having candid conversations and being transparent when things aren’t always up and to the right. Without those tough conversations with Bonfire, we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

Favorite book, useful tool or app?

I really love the Streaks app — it’s super simple and a way to hold yourself accountable for new goals and habits.