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Make your sales managers amazing


Jason Heidema, CEO

Pete Kazanjy, CRO


San Francisco, CA






Bonfire Lead

Company description

Atrium makes data-driven sales management software that helps AE, SDR, and CSM managers use data to improve team performance.

Why solve this problem?

Pete and I have deep experience building and managing sales teams. At our prior startup, we saw a challenge that all scaling sales organizations face: sales managers aren’t able to easily use data to measure, manage and improve rep performance - often missing opportunities to course-correct rep behavior ahead of future shortfalls. The good news is that the data they need to help ramp, coach and goal their reps is now available in the systems that their teams use on a day-to-day basis - email, calendar, phone, CRM, etc. Unfortunately, they can’t easily access and quickly digest all the data they need to get a complete picture of rep performance. That's why we built Atrium - a Data-Driven Sales Management platform that democratizes the data and insights that front-line sales managers need to make their teams more effective.

Hardest thing about being a founder?

There’s always so many things to do, and usually you’re pretty good at a lot of them. But figuring out which parts of your job you can give away to a capable teammate, at the right time, is the key to getting to scale.

Biggest piece of advice for aspiring founders

Stay close to the customer. Their perception of the problem, your solution to it, their usage of that solution - in short, their voice - should infuse your organization as much as possible. That’s what drives quick iteration loops towards success.

Most exciting moment so far?

When our customers started going to new organizations and making Atrium their first purchase, proactively referring others, and talking about us, unprompted, on social media – that’s how we knew things were really working.

Why did you choose Bonfire?

It was an obvious partnership - Brett ran sales operations at Salesforce and there’s probably no one on earth who knows more about data-driven sales management, and the challenges with doing it well, at scale than Brett. And as a former practitioner, his ability to be helpful in impactful ways truly sets him apart from other investors.

What’s the biggest impact Bonfire has had on your company?

The biggest impact of working with Brett and Bonfire has been pushing us to set our sights higher and get further outside our comfort zone.

Favorite book, useful tool or app?

The best non-obvious book for startup founders (aside from Founding Sales) would be The Goal.